Read the fabled story of St. Louis Style pizza here!  Multiple people claim to have invented the style.  Learn when and where it originated.

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Learn about the ingredients used to make a St. Louis Style Pizza.   We've got the standard ingredients laid out with a description for each.  If you want to try your hand at making a pie,you can order the needed supplies and ingredients through us.

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Decided your ready to make a St. Louis Style pie?  Check out our collection of recipes.  Be sure to check back as new recipes are added all the time!

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What goes with St. Louis Style Pizza?  From Toasted Ravioli to Gooey Butter cake, read about other St. Louis originals which also happen to pair great with pizza!  If you want to indulge,  you can order classic sides through us as well.

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Our Mission


At stlouisstylepizza.com, it is our mission to educate the world about St. Louis style pizza!  We are your informational resource for St. Louis style pizza and related foods. We aim to bring the St. Louis style pizza experience to everyone in the world. We believe St. Louis style pizza is the best version of one of the most popular foods in the world, and we want to share it with everybody!

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